High Quality Roman-inspired Street Fashion Brand ‘Roman Republic’ To Hit London And The UK

High Quality Roman-inspired Street Fashion Brand ‘Roman Republic’ To Hit London And The UK

It can sometimes be difficult to find the type of clothing you truly want to spend your money on, and so with this in mind, the launch of a fresh, new brand, Roman Republic, is set to revitalise the creativity in fashion.

The label is the brainchild of 19 year-old Jack Thomson, who found that the big brands were not catering to his tastes.  As a student, who also produced music and did graphic design, he decided to use his skills to create T-shirts, hoodies and snap-back caps that he would want to wear, while developing his skills as a designer.  Roman patterns were always something he was fascinated by, and coupled with a love of art, this led to him discovering his designing trademark.

Roman Republic fashion label is aimed at men and women between the ages of 16 – 35, and is a modern clothing brand that produces and sells high quality fashion items.  In every design it incorporates and takes inspiration from Roman designs and art.  It is a fashion brand with a new twist, and will be available in the London SE1 area, in various pop-up shops around London and the UK, as well as online at www.romanrepublic.com, Roman Republic fashion label is only one part of an extensive brand.  Roman Republic MUSIC MANAGEMENT & Production House

will be specialising in music, fashion and film.  They will be creating new sounds, styles and visuals for the public’s enjoyment, also working closely with Something Else Collective “”www.somethingelsecollective.com” an art movement whose show they will be featured in 2015.  Jack says:

“We aim to bring Roman Republic up to a recognised and respected brand name. We hope to do this with the production of new and exciting creative works, and high quality items.”

    • Location: UK